FW: Student Chapters-Final Report


June 1, 2015

Dear Friends, At the most recent GVCP meeting, members asked about how things had gone‹and would go‹with Geneseo Peace Action, our sister group. (No students were in attendance, because the semester had ended.) Here¹s a detailed report about all the PANYS student chapters. No one suggests that you read it all, but you might want to check out Geneseo PA and whatever other information might interest you. Peace, Arnie Matlin for GVCP —— Forwarded Message From: Natia Bueno <Natia.Bueno@outlook.com> Dear all, Have you been wondering what the PANYS student chapters were up to this year? Well, wonder no more! Here is the final report for the 2014-2015 school year. It has everything that the students have done, names of board members, event reports, samples of the minutes in their meetings and an update of what will happen next. I will try to keep you updated on a monthly basis on any updates on the schedule for the fall, and the names and emails of the new organizers. I won¹t know all of their names until August, but I will tell you the newest update next month. I know that it is a long document, but Pg.3 has a brief summary & Pgs.67-70 have the schedules and projects on the way for the fall. I hope you to hear your voices on the steering committee call tonight. Natia —— End of Forwarded Message
pdf icon 2014-2015-year-report.pdf

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