[GVCP] Petition to stop war with Iran

July 18, 2015

Dear GVCP Member, Every time I sign a petition on line, I get a response asking me to communicate further, tell my friends, donate money, or all of the above. I usually just move on to the next petition. However, in this case I thought the situation was important enough to share this link with everyone on the GVCP list: http://www.stopwarwithiran.com/?source=peaceaction National Peace Action has joined with over 20 other groups to send a huge number of petitions to our elected officials, calling on them to support the peace process with Iran. It¹s not a perfect petition‹it says ³Republicans are trying to sabotage the deal.² Although that may be true, there are Democrats trying to sabotage the deal as well. And, of course, if you live in Collins¹ district you are sending him a petition telling him that he¹s trying to stop the deal. (Well, he is trying to stop the deal. He¹s already cosponsored a bill to oppose the peace process, even though the actual wording of the agreement is not official yet. Whatever the wording might be, he¹s against it.) Even so, I would prefer a petition that is non-partisan, saying, ³Support peace, oppose war.² However, this is the petition we have, it¹s user-friendly, and I hope GVCP members will support it. We are a small group, but 250 people are on our mailing list. If we can get a large percentage of those 250 people to complete the petition, we can make a difference! Peace, Arnie Matlin for GVCP

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