[GVCP] Newsletter 9-26-15

September 26, 2015

September 26, 2015

Dear GVCP Member:
NEXT GVCP MEETING is SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17th, 1:00 PM (Lunch), 1:30 PM (Meeting).  Omega Restaurant, 4182 Lakeville Road, Geneseo.

SAVE THE DATE:  Wednesday, October 7th, 6:30 PM, Little Theatre 5, 240 East Ave., Rochester.  This is the Upstate NY Premiere of Resistencia, a documentary about Honduran resistance to the military coup.  Filmmaker Jesse Freeston will speak before the film is shown. Admission is FREE!  (Sponsored by Rochester Committee on Latin America)

This Month’s Letter:  Human Rights Abuses in Honduras.  According to (COFADEH), a leading human rights organization in Honduras, military personnel have been involved in human rights abuses, including assassinations and intimidation of opposition leaders. The military police have harassed land activists and peaceful demonstrators.  Over the last few months, military police agents have reportedly threatened journalists, community leaders, and members of the indigenous organization COPINH; forcibly evicted small farmers without a warrant; raided the home of a student leader involved in recent protests; and shot and killed an unarmed woman selling mangos, among other alleged crimes.

to Secretary of State John Kerry.  Tell him that you support the demand of the Honduran people to put an end to human rights violations, impunity, and militarization of Honduras.  Tell him that you want an end to “security assistance” to Honduras until serious human rights abuses are investigated and corrected by the government of Honduras.  Write to Secretary John Kerry, U.S. Department of State, Washington, DC 20520.

Or, you can go to this link: https://register.state.gov/contactus/ and send your message to Secretary Kerry. I used the link, and it’s user-friendly.


Arnie Matlin for GVCP

GVCP is proud to be a chapter of Peace Action New York State

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