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January 15, 2016
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Subject: A Message from Lori Berenson in Freedom

New York
December, 2015

It seems incredible that these twenty years of incarceration and parole
are finally over. It is strange that the moment has actually come in
which I can separate a before and after, and distinguish that past from
my present. It is now the past.

As with any experience in life, this was one with many lessons on a
broader political context but also on the day-to-day human level of
survival and thriving in spaces of adversity. Many things can be
appreciated and learned in any situation, but perhaps the foremost
important lesson that sticks with me today is the incredible importance
of human solidarity in enabling people to overcome obstacles, despite
the trying circumstances. I am ever so grateful to all of the people who
demonstrated their solidarity and support to me and my family over these
long years. Your kindness, interest and sincere concern were fundamental
to maintaining our spirits high, and gave us the force that helped us to
face the diverse difficulties we encountered, in this long road back to

I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be close to my family again,
to begin to face new challenges that life in freedom beholds. I hope to
continue seeing many of you in working for a more just world from
diverse perspectives but with the same goals of social justice, equality
and humanity.

Best wishes to all

Lori Berenson
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