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January 21, 2016

Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace
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January 01, 2016

Dear GVCP Member:

NEXT REGULAR GVCP MEETING is Saturday, JANUARY 23rd, 1:00 PM (Lunch), 1:30 PM (Meeting).  Omega Restaurant, 4182 Lakeville Rd (Route 20A) Geneseo.

This Month’s Letter: Syria!  At the November 14th Vienna agreement, the major powers (US, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Turkey) agreed upon two critical interlinked points to try to end Syria’s civil war.  (1) They would start political transition talks by January 1 between the Syrian government and armed opposition groups and; (2) As soon as the talks started, the five powers agreed that they would support an immediate, UN-monitored ceasefire.

The Jan. 1st target date has slipped, but the process is still on track overall, and the UN has now set January 25 as a target date for the transition talks and the ceasefire to begin.  Local ceasefires are saving the lives of Syrian civilians and allowing them to stay in their homes.   However, there is no way out of the Syria quagmire without a broad political accord about Syria with Russia and Iran.  There are obvious benefits of the talks and ceasefire.  In addition, Secretary of State Kerry has said that the ceasefire between the Syrian government and opposition groups will strengthen international efforts to confront ISIS.

President Obama and Secretary Kerry need to hear our point of view about this matter right away!  Urge President Obama and Secretary Kerry to support the transition talks and implementation of a ceasefire in Syria on January 25th.

Write to Secretary John Kerry, U.S. Department of State, Washington, DC 20520.  Or, you can go to this link: https://register.state.gov/contactus/ and send your message to Secretary Kerry. I used the link, and it’s user-friendly.

White House comments line is 202-456-1111 E-mail link to the White House is http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/submit-questions-and-comments

Postal address: Pres. Barack Obama, The White House, Washington DC 20500


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