[ROCLA] [GVCP] Support the Cuba Friendshipment Visit

June 18, 2016
Dear Friends,

From Rochester Committee on Latin America SC member Vic Vinkey.

Arnie Matlin for ROCLA and GVCP

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From: Vic Vinkey <vinkey@frontiernet.net>
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Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2016 13:20:52 -0400
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Subject: Support the Friendshipment Visit

I have secured a joint meeting with staffs from the local offices of Representative Slaughter and Senators Schumer and Gillibrand.  (Many thanks to Senator Gillibrand for setting this up.) Our guest from Pastors for Peace, Manolo De Los Santos, Bob Kaiser and myself will be attending in an effort to gain support for legislation to end the embargo of Cuba.  As we know, despite all President Obama has done using his executive authority, the embargo cannot end without legislation to to nullify previous legislative acts establishing and strengthening the embargo!  We will be meeting with the staffs at 11 am Tuesday June 21st.  I will report on our meeting at the 5:30 pm Friendshipment event at Tay House that evening.

Also, we have obtained medicines for Manolo to present to the Cuban people.  Many thanks to all who donated funds for purchase of the medicines. We will formally present the medicines to Manolo at the Tay House event.

Please forward this and invite others to join us for the Friendshipment Picnic at 5:30 pm, Tuesday June 21st at Cobbs Hill Park, Tay House, 85 Hillside Avenue, behind School #1 and the Monroe County Water Authority.

Vic Vinkey

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