[GVCP] GVCP column in the Livingston County News

July 9, 2016
Dear GVCP Member:

The editor of the Livingston County News printed our column on consecutive weeks, although we would have been satisfied with a column every other week.  He is making a good faith effort to allow us to reach out to the public with our message of peace.

I believe more people know about GVCP now, after four published columns, than knew about us before.  (All of us have heard people say, “I wish I’d known there was a peace group in the area.”  That’s very frustrating when you realize that GVCP has been here since 1972!)

I hope our members are buying the newspaper.  It’s all well and good to read the articles on line, but LCN isn’t a virtual newspaper.  It’s a true newspaper, and it exists because people buy copies each week.  Margaret Anne and I subscribe, and we find plenty of useful information and, of course, the GVCP column.

Potential authors—we have a few columns in various stages of development, but we could use more.  Please consider writing a column.  Try for about 500 – 700 words.  Remember that this is a GVCP column.  In a Letter to the Editor, you can be as strident as you like.  It’s up to the Editor to decide whether of not to print your letter.  For the GVCP column, you’re representing GVCP, so remember that our goal is to win people over to our position, not to drive them away.

If you write a column, please send it to me, and I’ll send it to the LCN.  Several members check most of the columns, and we try to reach consensus among ourselves and the author of the column.  So, far, we’ve done well.  Let’s keep going!


Arnie Matlin for GVCP (link is below)


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