[GVCP] Student Activism Threatened: Senate Bill Brands StudentCriticism of Israel as Anti-Semitic

December 6, 2016

From Kate Alexander of PANYS

Subject: Student Activism Threatened: House Bill Brands Student Criticism of
Israel as Anti-Semitic

Legislation Re-Defining All Student Criticism of Israel as Anti-Semitic
Senate Bill Passes in Less than Two Days; House Bill Introduced

Stop Attacks on Student Debate and Activism!
Last semester, students at Hobart and William Smith Colleges hosted an
informal discussion  with over 80 students on Palestinian refugee
identities. Palestinian refugees shared their experiences in a meaningful
conversation with students working to understand the human consequences of
the Israel-Palestine conflict. Under legislation passed by the Senate and
being considered by the House today, this event would label our student
activists as anti-Semitic.

In less than two days, the Senate unanimously passed legislation that
instructs the Department of Education to re-define anti-Semitism to include
criticisms of Israel – targeting student education and activism.

On Friday,  H.R. 6421 – called the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act – was
introduced by Representatives Roskam (R-FL) and Deu

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