[GVCP] Are we heading in the right direction?

February 11, 2017
Dear GVCP Member,

Please start from the bottom and scroll up.  

Hank Stone suggested that we should change course—or, at least, change ads—because progressive people aren’t interested right now in GVCP’s anti-nuclear and anti-militarism approach to peace.  Hank is making an important point, and I respect it.

My point (immediately below) is that what Hank says is true, but that’s even more reason to try to use that energy to continue GVCP’s mission of “Human Race, Not Arms Race.”  (For us, that means especially the nuclear arms race.)

Please understand that this dialog is between two GVCP members who are friends, and who both want to do what’s best for our goal of peace.

I thought that this shouldn’t be a private conversation, but that we should open it up to the GVCP membership and learn what people think.


Arnie Matlin

P.S. The ad is scheduled to be printed on Thursday, February 23rd, just before our GVCP meeting on Sunday, February 26th.  (Note change of venue to 20 Ivy Lane, Geneseo).  The ad will display that great color photo, as the last ad did.  I’m just waiting for the final proof to come from the newspaper, so I can approve it.


Subject: Re: [GVCP] Our ad in the Livingston County News

Dear Hank,

Yes, but there’s two ways to view the same data.  Nuclear proliferation, and Trump’s finger on the button, have been swept under the rug.  My thought—and probably Kate’s—was to make control of nuclear weapons a more important public unmet need.  GVCP doesn’t have to go where the crowd goes.  We need to bring some of the crowd to where we want to go.

What are your thoughts on that?




There is TREMENDOUS energy to oppose the Republican agenda at this time.  There is NO energy around anti-nuclear stuff.  I believe the most effective thing we can do for peace at this time may be to work on DEMOCRACY.

Consider that there is a vast unmet need among Obama/Sanders/Trump voters to be heard, while the Republican and Democratic parties are all about serving bankers, corporations, and the war industry.



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