[GVCP] Petition to limit local police involvement with deportations

March 27, 2017
Dear GVCP member:

This serious matter occurred in Geneseo on Thursday, March 23rd.  Geneseo Police stopped someone for a traffic violation and, in a knee-jerk reaction, called ICE (Immigration and Justice Enforcement).  You can find more information at the Livingston County News website.


Arnie Matlin for GVCP


Hi Arnie,

This is a petition Tony Macula made to the Livingston County Sheriff and local Police Departments, regarding entanglements with ICE, detailing guidance from the Attorney General and ACLU for police departments to adopt.  Could we share this with the mailing list?


More info:

Hi Folks,

Please consider signing this.  My student was the 12 year old that was held overnight before being released on Friday.

Thank you,

From: Anthony Macula <macula@geneseo.edu>
Sent: Sunday, March 26, 2017 10:50 AM
To: macula@geneseo.edu
Subject: petition limit local police involvement with deportations


It is just to pull over and ticket bad drivers, but it does not make our community more secure, nor is it just to deport them because of that.

A local NYCLU working group on this issue is now called the Secure and Just Communities Alliance (SJCA).  The points in the petition are based on NYCLU documents, but this petition has not been formally endorsed by the SJCA as of yet.
The term "sanctuary" does not appear in the petition as that term has become somewhat synonymous with "free pass" in the public sphere.

Tony Macula

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