March 9, 2017

Dear GVCP Member,

Jim Allen and I have been working on the “RESIST: stickers, about which we spoke at the last meeting.

We could afford very large stickers (4-inch diameter) or large stickers (3-inch diameter), if we want them. One piece of good news is that the manufacturer—Donnelly/Colt—has a basic yellow color, as well as white. So, we could print blue on yellow or black on yellow and we’d only be charged for one color.

These stickers would work fine for shirts or coats.  However, Jim’s original idea was to use them in public places as well. Here’s what he wrote:

The idea of the stickers is to widely publicize the cause and to convey to onlookers that others share their concerns. It only works if the stickers are placed in a lot of public areas, including on people, storefront windows (with permission), lamp posts, railings on walk ways, park benches, bathroom stalls, bulletin boards, office doors (again with permission), newspaper stands, some carefully selected buildings, etc. They won’t work as bumper stickers.

This strategy has worked very well in campaigns against oppressive regimes, but maybe that’s not quite the situation we’re facing. In addition, the group may not feel comfortable with this plan, and that’s fine. Among other concerns, we’ll be held responsible for what other people do with our stickers, so we’ll have to think carefully about who we hand them out to.

I think the idea has a lot of potential, although we have to be careful about implementing it.  But I don’t want to push the idea if the group doesn’t like it. I’d be ok with dropping it if others felt strongly.

Maybe there are other ways to achieve the same goal? Maybe we could get custom buttons made that people could wear, wear, or invent a version of the safety pin symbol?  If it was eye catching enough it could be a good conversation starter. Whatever the symbol, it needs to look cool and fun. Or maybe we want to drop this entire line of strategy altogether?


The question now is whether we want to go this route.  If we do, do we want to just say “RESIST” or do we want to also put “GVCP.ORG” on the stickers?  The issue of stickers sounds simple, but, as you can see, it’s complicated.  Please send your thoughts to Jim.


Arnie Matlin for GVCP


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