[GVCP] Livingston County News column and ad

April 14, 2017
Dear GVCP Member,

The Livingston County News for this week [April 13, 2017] has GVCP’s large, full color ad on page A5.  The ad tells people about our Tax-Day protest outside Chris Collins’ office on Wednesday, April 19th, 4:00 PM.  

There’s also an excellent GVCP column on page A17.  (Chris Norton writes most of our columns.  However, this one was written by Jim Allen as a letter to the editor.  The LCN ran it as “Guest Essay.”)

I suggest that everyone in the local area buy a copy of the LCN.  If that’s not possible, the new issue will be available in a few days at


Arnie Matlin for GVCP

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