[GVCP] Join the National Protests on the 16th Anniversary of the Afghanistan War

October 2, 2017
Dear GVCP member,

We’ve been invited to join a Rochester event that is part of the national protest against the war in Afghanistan.  The vigil to which we’re invited is on:  

Sunday, October 8th, at the corner of East Avenue and Goodman Street, Rochester. The vigil starts at Noon and lasts until 1:00 PM.  (Rain or shine.)

This weekly rally has persisted for years.

Remember that many friends from the Rochester peace community joined GVCP’s celebration on September 21st.  This is a great opportunity to reciprocate!


Arnie Matlin for GVCP


Join the National  Protests on the 16th Anniversary of the Afghanistan  War

October  6th marks the 16th anniversary of the longest foreign war in U.S.  history.  Instead of ending it, Trump has announced an escalation  of the war on Afghanistan. Join us in protest during the week of October  2 – 8.  See the call by leading U.S. antiwar activists:  



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