[GVCP] Help out our sister group and our migrant friends on 11/16

November 13, 2017
Dear GVCP member,

Here’s an opportunity to help our sister group, Geneseo Peace Action as well as our migrant friends.


Arnie Matlin for GVCP

Migrant meeting agenda and shopping list:

The Migrant worker meeting will be held on Thursday, November 16th in South Hall Room 235 on the SUNY Geneseo campus at 7:00 PM!

1.     Meeting Agenda:
a.  The agenda for the meeting is not out yet. But it will be facilitated by the migrant workers and will be held in Spanish. There will be translating services available.
b.  Usually the meeting entails conversation about upcoming events and the migrant workers tell us what they need from the allies.
c.   The allies will be asked to leave at some during the meeting. At this time we will hold a side meeting to coordinate amongst the allies.
d.  The meetings usually end very late, around 10:40. Nobody is required to stay that long and is welcome to leave at any time.

2.     Donations
a.  If anyone would like to donate food please email me and let me know what you are donating. You can reach me at 347-933-1928
b.  If you’d like to donate anything they can be dropped off at Genesee hall. Or I can come pick them up.
c.   We will be cooking at the Genesee valley co-operative (23 North Street, Geneseo) for now, but the Letchworth dining hall might also be an option. I will send updates that come up.
d.  Cooking will start at 3:00pm and then will be brought to the meeting at 7:00pm

3.     Ingredients:
1.   5 bags of 5 pounds of flour
2.   12 sticks of butter
3.   6 eggs
4.   Baking powder
5.   11 white onions
6.   10 Pablano peppers
7.   10 Serrano peppers
8.   3 serrano chiles
9.   5 heads of garlic
10.                10 large red tomatoes
11.                10 cups of corn
12.                5 rotisserie chickens
13.                14limes
14.                4 bunches of cilantro
15.                3 bottles of any oil (except coconut)
16.                3 pounds of gouda
17.                1 pound of tomatillo or green tomatoes
18.                5 green peppers
19.                4 cans of rotel
20.                Cumin
21.                2 Cookie platters or any other desserts

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