[GVCP] West Bloomfield Declaration

January 22, 2018

Dear GVCP member,

We discussed the West Bloomfield Declaration at the most recent GVCP meeting on January 21st.  Many of us were very favorably impressed by this document.  There may be a time when groups like GVCP can endorse the West Bloomfield Declaration.  However, right now, GVCP member Hank Stone would welcome individuals who will declare their support for the Declaration.  Please let Hank know of your support by sending him an email message.


Arnie Matlin for GVCP

From: Hank Stone
A small number of ordinary people gathered in West Bloomfield, NY every two weeks for most of 2017 to consider the question:”Where should we go from here?”  If Moses were to come down the mountain today, what instructions might he give to humankind?

Some of us were liberals, some conservatives.  According to the corporate media, we should oppose (or even despise) one another.  But our purpose was to find agreement, and we kept being surprised at how similar our thinking was on the important questions.

We found statements to discuss.  If we all agreed to them, we added them to a list.  If not, we discussed our different views, and often could reword statements so all of us could agree.  If there wasn’t agreement, we either tabled the question for later discussion, or discarded it.

No one tried to force their views on others, or make anyone else wrong.  The result of this process was great trust, respect and friendship within the group.

When we got to about 40 statements on which we agreed, we tried out different ways to present them, and wrote the West Bloomfield Declaration, attached.

We have no special political power or money.  We are not “experts.”  But we are citizens and neighbors, with shared concerns for our children and grandchildren.

If you substantially agree with our statement, and would like to be listed as a signer, please return an email to say so.

If you disagree, we urge you to talk over what YOU believe, with people you trust.  The times are changing, and your views matter!

Hank Stone


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