[GVCP] Our voices WILL be heard on March 24th “March for Our Lives”

March 14, 2018
Dear GVCP Member,

On Saturday, March 24th, there will be a major event in Washington, DC to put an end to gun violence.  If Washington isn’t possible for you, there are local events in Batavia and Rochester.  Note that the Batavia event is at 12:00 Noon and the Rochester event is at 3:00 PM.  (Actually, you could attend both!)

Although the links below stretch over four lines, they will work if you cut and paste them into your Google Chrome (or equivalent), and you’ll get the page where you sign up to attend.

Students across the country are asking us to stand by their side as they continue their push against gun violence.

I hope GVCP members will join in this important effort.


Arnie Matlin for GVCP

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March for Our Lives is a movement inspired by us students…


Dr. Arnold, we survived the shooting at our school, but too many of our classmates did not. And since then, Members of Congress have done NOTHING to ensure that gun violence like this never happens again. That’s why we’re marching to demand that the lives of every student and every American become a priority, and we want you there by our side. Join us and RSVP for March for Our Lives:
March for Our Lives – Washington DC
Saturday, March 24th
Pennsylvania Avenue NW, between 3rd NW and 12th NW, Washington, DC
 RSVP >> <http://act.everytown.org/go/62814?t=9&akid=85102%2E2480658%2EADpkP1>

March for Our Lives – Batavia, NY
Saturday, March 24th 12:00 Noon
Williams Park Pearl Street
Batavia, NY
RSVP >> <http://act.everytown.org/event/march-our-lives-events_attend/10123/signup/?source=emne_20180305-March-for-our-lives-attend&refcode=emne_20180305-March-for-our-lives-attend&utm_source=em_n_&utm_medium=_e&utm_campaign=20180305-March-for-our-lives-attend&t=10&akid=85102%2E2480658%2EADpkP1>  

March for Our Lives – Rochester, NY
Saturday, March 24th 3:00 PM
Washington Square Park
Rochester, NY
RSVP >> <http://act.everytown.org/event/march-our-lives-events_attend/8788/signup/?source=emne_20180305-March-for-our-lives-attend&refcode=emne_20180305-March-for-our-lives-attend&utm_source=em_n_&utm_medium=_e&utm_campaign=20180305-March-for-our-lives-attend&t=10&akid=85102%2E2480658%2EADpkP1>

One month ago today, 17 of our classmates, friends, and educators were shot and killed, and dozens more injured during a mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School — our school. Devastated, our country is grieving and demanding that our elected officials offer more than just their thoughts and prayers — we need action. And, one month later, these politicians have shown yet again that they are incapable of enacting common sense gun measures. So now, thousands of people will be marching to demand that they do what’s right to ensure our lives are a priority over the gun lobby.

When our country experiences a mass shooting, the NRA and their supporters in Congress always wait for our voices to quiet down. But we’re not going to quiet down. School is a place where we should feel safe, and if the politicans won’t do what’s right to keep us safe, then we’re going to be too loud for them to ignore.

We’re marching in Washington, D.C. on March 24 for ALL of our fellow students and for the victims and survivors of gun violence in every community.

Right now, there are nearly 700 events planned on March 24, and counting. Americans across the country will be marching in Washington, D.C. and at local events in every state. This will be a march for all of our voices to be heard. This will be a march for our lives.

Thank you for marching alongside us.

Emma González
March for Our Lives
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