[GVCP] Nobody is above the law! *Special Organizing Meeting* Sunday, April 29th, 3:30 PM 204 Bailey Hall

April 25, 2018
Nobody is above the law! *Special Meeting* Sunday, April 29th, 3:30 PM 204 Bailey Hall, SUNY Geneseo Campus

Dear GVCP member,

MoveOn.org has planned giant protests across the country if President Trump crosses one of the “Red Lines” in regard to Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  Nationwide, more than 350,000 people have signed up to participate!

Three GVCP members—Holly Adams, Susan Bailey, and I are co-hosting a rally in Geneseo.  The three Red Lines are:

1. If Trump simply fires Mueller;  2. If Trump fires Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General; or 3. If Trump announces he will pardon anyone convicted of being involved with Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

(There’s a fourth “Orange Line.”  If Trump fires Jeff Sessions, we will not not take to the streets.  Normally, Rod Rosenstein would take Sessions’ place.  However, if a Trump crony is appointed above Rosenstein, we will probably be urged to demonstrate.)

Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace believes that if Trump fires Mueller, this will represent a threat to all democratic institutions in the U.S.  How can we rally for peace if Trump decides to end constitutional rights whenever it suits him?  So, we are working with almost one thousand other groups to protest if Mueller is fired.

So far, 90 people have signed up to attend the rally if Mueller is fired.  If you haven’t signed up, please sign up now:


This website is user-friendly.  If you’re not sure whether you can attend, please sign on anyway.  Then you’ll receive information as we move forward, and also you’ll receive a notice if/when the call comes.

Please try to attend the special meeting on Sunday.  The GVCP meeting is at Mae’s Restaurant 1:00 PM (Lunch), 1:30 PM (Meeting). We’ll be sure that the GVCP meeting ends by 3:00 PM, so we can start the Special Organizing Meeting at 3:30 PM on campus.


Arnie Matlin for GVCP

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