Should GVCP join United National Anti-War Coalition?

May 29, 2018
Dear GVCP Member,

GVCP members Hal Bauer and Hank Stone support the United National Anti-War Coalition (UNAC).  Should GVCP join this organization?  It looks like a more-or-less routine request.  However, some members may not want GVCP to join.  This would be particularly important if you know something about UNAC that is less than ideal.

Please send me your thoughts, and I’ll collate them and let the group know in another email message.


Arnie Matlin for GVCP

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Date: Tue, 29 May 2018 18:46:24 -0400
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Subject: United National Anti-War Coalition


These guys are asking peace groups to join them.  Are we in?  Should we be?

Happy Summer!

From: Harold Bauer []
Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2018 2:40 PM

Hi all,

The Israeli mass murder a week ago was so horrible!  And then two WH ‘senior advisors’ blame Iran for the shootings by Israeli soldiers.


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May  14, 2018 at 6:36:57 PM EDT

UNAC  STATEMENT ON ISRAEL/U.S. WAR ON GAZA’S NAKBA PROTESTS AT APARTHEID  WALL For  more than 70 years, Palestinians have endured the crimes of ethnic  cleansing, dispossession, disenfranchisement, destruction, and death at  the hands of apartheid Israel, with the unqualified backing of the  United States, as well as the tolerance of this ongoing trampling on  humanity and justice by the international  community.

 As Israelis celebrate the May 14,
1948,  anniversary of the establishment of their state, Palestinians on
May 15 mark the Nakba (“Catastrophe”), the violent ethnic cleansing that  forcibly expelled more than 800,000 Palestinians from more than 500  towns and villages that were destroyed or abandoned and annexed.   The 1967 occupation drove out thousands more. Today, six million  refugees live in the Occupied Territories of Gaza, the West Bank,  Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, in squalid refugee camps in adjoining  countries, and in the diaspora dispersed worldwide. Those who remain in  Israel live as second-class citizens. [read more

  The first  step in rebuilding the antiwar movement is unity

UNAC is  a coalition of over 160 peace and justice organizations in the  U.S. If your organization is not a member of UNAC, please click here <> and join.

In April, very successful actions were held in  more than 40 cities around the country in what we called the  Spring Actions Against the Wars at Home and Abroad.   While we received little to no coverage in the main-stream  media in the U.S., we were covered by the media from a number of  other countries.  Those of us who have been  overseas representing the antiwar movement have learned how  important it is for people struggling against U.S. imperialism  abroad to know that there is an antiwar movement in this country  and that many, if not most people in the U.S. oppose U.S. military  actions abroad.

We are now in one of the most dangerous periods  for the entire world.  With the Trump  administrations’  declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of  Israel and the moving the U.S. embassy there, Israel has been  emboldened to shoot down unarmed Palestinians protesting for their  rights.  US and Israeli forces have sent  missiles into Syria while the U.S. has ended the Iran nuclear  agreement.  These actions threaten war  throughout the entire region and move us closer to conflict with  major nuclear powers. The need for an antiwar movement in the U.S.  has never been more urgent.  Join  us <> .

Solidarity  with the People of Odessa!

Justice  for the Victims of the Massacre of May 2!

US,  EU, NATO& IMF out of Ukraine!

No  to Fascism – from Charlottesville to Odessa!

On May 2, 2014,  the people of Odessa, Ukraine, experienced the worst civil atrocity in  Europe since World War II. Scores of people died when a fascist-led mob chased a group of progressive activists into the five-story House of  Trade Unions in Kulikovo Pole (square) – and then set it on fire. Some  died from the flames, some from smoke inhalation, some from gunshot  wounds. Some leapt from the building, only to be beaten to death when  they hit the ground. Dozens of cellphone videos posted on the Internet  clearly show that this was a mass lynching. Just google “May 2, 2014,  Odessa.”

But even though  many of the attackers’ faces are clearly visible on the videos, to date  not one of the perpetrators has been brought to justice – while victims who survived the fire still languish in prison, many without ever being charged with a crime. Relatives and supporters of those who died on May 2 have steadfastly demanded justice in the form of an international  investigation to identify and punish those responsible for the massacre.  To date, the Ukrainian government has refused to cooperate with any  international body trying to pursue such an investigation.

This May 2  marked the fourth anniversary of the massacre. In Odessa, thousands of  people came to Kulikovo Pole to pay their respects for those who died  there, defying threats by neo-Nazi organizations who had threatened to  attack them.

This month,  solidarity actions are taking place across Europe and the United States,  honoring those who died on May 2, 2014, and supporting the demand of the  people of Odessa for an international investigation.

UNAC’s Odessa  Solidarity Campaign, in collaboration with solidarity organizations in  Europe, has written a report of these actions, with photos and videos.  Please CLICK  HERE <> to read the  report.

For a World of  Justice & Peace for All,

Phil  WIlayto

Coordinator,  Odessa Solidarity Campaign (a project of UNAC)

Richmond,  Virginia USA


Read the UNAC Blog, "End the Wars at Home and  Abroad" <>


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