[GVCP] No consensus on UNAC

June 1, 2018
Dear GVCP Members,

Opinions about joining UNAC were so different that I couldn’t even find a trend.

Some people thought it was a good idea, some were neutral, and some were adamantly opposed.  The opponents to joining made their case so strongly that consensus was impossible, in my opinion.  Mostly, the opponents thought that we were already part of a national peace organization—Peace Action.  Others felt that UNAC was too radical for our organizational demographic and our regional demographic.  Our friend Judy Bello is on the UNAC steering committee, and we often support the actions she organizes, so it’s not as if UNAC was out of bounds for us.  However, GVCP can still support UNAC actions without being organizational members.

My suggestion for people who voted “yes” to joining is to go to the UNAC website, sign up for their newsletter, and work with UNAC as individuals.  Also, of course, forward any specific UNAC information that you think should be sent out to the GVCP list.


Arnie Matlin for GVCP

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