[GVCP] Rally for the families in Rochester on June 30th

June 23, 2018
Dear friend,

GVCP member Roxanne Klein is helping to organize this important Rochester rally.

Arnie Matlin for GVCP

"Families Belong Together" Rally

Saturday, June 30th, 3:00 p.m.    
Washington Square Park (near GEVA Theater)
Rochester, NY
Stand with us to declare that we as Americans Want the children of immigrants reunited with their children.  It is cruel and inhumane to take a child away from its mother and father, adding  to the trauma they have already experienced  in fleeing the violence they left behind. 

  • We will not stand for our United States of America using the most vulnerable  children as pawns in political wars.  
  • We will not have have children living in tents in 100 degree weather.  
  • We will not have parents wondering  where their children have been taken and if they will be able to see them again.

Come join us in saying STOP! to this insanity.

Join the following and many thousands of others in protesting this atrocious injustice to the poor and vulnerable.  

  •  the four former living first ladies
  •  the CEOs of major tech corporations
  •  the governors of eight states 
  •  American, United and Frontier airlines

Add your name to the list of Americans who say “No Way! Families Belong Together.”
Even as President Trump declares he has stopped the separation of families, it continues.  Families already separated are not being reunited.   Children are still alone.  Criminal penalties for immigrants are being increased, not reduced.  As military bases and military transports are used to house children, they will become even more invisible to the American public.  Don’t forget them.  

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