[GVCP] *Today*Thursday*Today*5:00 PM*South end of Main St Geneseo*Dress Warmly

November 8, 2018
Dear Friends,

WE’RE GOING OUT TODAY (THURSDAY) 5:00 PM AT THE SOUTH END OF MAIN STREET IN GENESEO!  Dress warmly.   Geneseo Police notified.  OK to park on Main Street, but also on the Geneseo campus in LOT L.  (Campus Police notified and are OK with this.)  I assume we will rally until 6:00 PM.  We can decide at 6:00 PM whether we want to continue.  We now have about 130 people pledged to attend.  Of course, some people can’t or won’t attend, but we can get to 130 if everyone helps publicize the event on electronic media, and also brings a friend.    (If standing that long is hard for you, please bring a folding chair.  Or, you can sit on the stone wall with a cushion.) Remember, no civil disobedience.


Trump has fired Sessions, and the new acting Attorney General, Andrew Whitaker, has taken over as Mueller’s supervisor.

Rod Rosenstein named Mueller as special counsel to get to the bottom of the Russian meddling in the 2016 election—and any ensuing effort to cover it up. This scope covers conflicts of interest within the Trump campaign, as well as possibly including Trump’s own finances to look for motives.

By replacing Rosenstein with Whitaker as Mueller’s boss , Trump has enacted a plan he’s spoken about publicly.  He plans to prevent the investigation from proceeding freely.  Trump has triggered a full-fledged constitutional crisis, asserting that he is above the law.  The next few hours will determine whether he is proved right.

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