[GVCP] Peace Poetry Contest this Sunday, May 12th, 2:00 PM, SUNY Geneseo Campus

May 10, 2019

The English Department at the State University of New York at Geneseo presents:

The Thirteenth Annual Genesee Valley
Peace Poetry Contest

Awards Ceremony

Sunday, May 12th, 2019 at 2:00PM

Wadsworth Auditorium, SUNY Geneseo Campus

All winners will receive certificates and the opportunity to read their poems aloud to family, friends, and the Geneseo faculty.

Three first-prize winners will receive gifts courtesy of Sundance Books.

Light refreshments will be served following the ceremony, compliments of Campus Auxiliary Services.

The ceremony will last a little over an hour.  There’s a barbecue sponsored by GVCP and Geneseo Peace Action right after the award ceremony.  Sorry, no details.

A special GVCP Peace Poetry Award, in honor of Claire Allen, will be awarded to the student whose poem most embraces the goals and vision of GVCP.
GVCP, a nonviolent activist group founded in 1972, is dedicated to peace, justice, and freedom in our country and throughout the world.
We advocate for peaceful solutions to international conflicts, the reduction and elimination of nuclear weapons, and an end to the international arms race that diverts resources from economic and social development.  We stand for peace and nonviolence in the face of the increasing violence and militarism perpetuated by our society.  GVCP is proudly affiliated with Peace Action New York State, along with our sister group, SUNY Geneseo Peace Action.
Our membership spans multiple counties in Western NY.  Monthly meetings in Geneseo are open to the public.  New members welcome.  We are pleased to work collaboratively with the Genesee Valley Peace Poetry Contest to bring the Claire Allen Peace Poetry Award.

Claire Allen (2003-2017), with wisdom and empathy beyond her years, was passionate about peace and social justice.  Among her many talents, abilities and interests, Claire was an honored, published, and prolific writer. Peace and social justice were strong themes in her writing, including the rights of the poor, women and girls, and oppressed racial and ethnic groups.  She is remembered for her keen intellect, her gentle kindness, and her strong, sweet spirit.
This special GVCP Peace Poetry award given in remembrance of Claire is awarded to the writer whose poem most embraces the goals and vision of GVCP.

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