[GVCP] Weekly vigil at 12:00 Noon on Sunday in Rochester

June 4, 2019
Dear GVCP Member,

This is from George Dardess, one of the weekly vigil members.  This vigil is a powerful witness for peace and justice.  I’ve attended on several occasions, but I’m not a regular.  If you have the time and energy, check it out!


Arnie Matlin for GVCP  

Prompted by the 2003 war in Iraq, members of GVCP, friends, and occasional visitors have been holding a vigil for peace every Sunday between noon and 1:00PM on the corner of Goodman and East Avenues in Rochester. We gather there with our peace signs come rain, come snow, come sun, come cloud—somehow or other we show up.

Responses from passersby have over the years been as varied as the weather, but increasingly in recent years the beeps of encouragement, smiles, V-signs and thumbs-up flashed from car windows have increased. Is our presence hastening world peace? We chuckle with each other about our more grandiose hopes.

But we still believe that making a small but consistent public statement about our yearning for a peaceful world may be effective in ways we’ll never know. At least it’s had an effect on us. And our families and friends would say that’s a good place to start. But please come and test the truth of what I say for your selves! All are welcome. Just show up.

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