[GVCP] Newsletter 08-15-19

August 15, 2019

 Dear GVCP Member,

Next GVCP MEETING is Sunday, August 25th, 1:00 PM (lunch) 1:30 PM (meeting).  Mae’s Restaurant, 4182 Lakeville Road (Route 20A), Geneseo. All welcome.

This month’s letter:  EXPAND BACKGROUND CHECKS FOR GUN PURCHASES  On February 27th of this year, the House passed H.R. 8 in a 240-190 vote.  This bill was the first major gun violence prevention legislation to pass in the House for over 20 years.  The legislation then moved to the Senate for consideration. The Senate has yet to vote on this bill.  In the wake of two mass shootings resulting in the death of 31people, we should demand that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell recall the Senate for a special session to consider House-passed legislation to require universal background checks. Our Message: Americans must have the right to live in peace.  The Senate should reconvene and vote to require universal background checks for all gun purchases.  Do your jobs to increase the safety of all Americans.  [Adapted from The Trish Harren, P.F. Postcard Team, meets Fridays, 9:15 AM – 10:30 AM, at Soul Coffee, Village Gate, Entrance B, Rochester.]

By mail: Sen. Mitch McConnell       Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand         Sen. Chuck Schumer
U.S. Senate Washington, DC 20510

By telephone: We heard at the last meeting that elected officials take phone calls seriously.
McConnell’s DC telephone is: (202) 224-2541.
Schumer’s local number is:
(585) 263-5866.
Gillibrand’s local number is: (585) 263-6250.

By email: All of the Senators’ websites allow you to send them an email message.


Arnie Matlin for GVCP

GVCP is proud to be affiliated with Peace Action NYS

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