[GVCP] **War against Iran?**

January 7, 2020
Dear GVCP member,

Donald Trump wants to start a war with Iran.  Who can tell what’s motivating this dangerous venture?  We just know it’s a truly frightening and terrible idea.

Code Pink, MoveOn, and many other groups are calling for nation-wide anti-war demonstrations on Saturday, January 25th.

I think a Geneseo demonstration would work.  However, it requires more than one or two organizers.  Is anyone reading this letter willing to be a co-host?   Please let me know.  

There’s going to be a planning conference call tomorrow (Wednesday) at 8:00 PM.  I intend to join it to find out what peace movement organizations are thinking and planning.

That link is: https://act.moveon.org/survey/moveon-rapid-response-call-nowarwithiran


Arnie Matlin for GVCP


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