**Messages to be read at the vigil tonight (Wednesday) 7:30 PM at the Avon Traffic Circle**

August 5, 2020
Before COVID-19, we would pass the megaphone from person to person so that anyone who wanted to speak had a chance to do so.

This year, that won’t be possible.  However, you can make your voice heard. Holly Adams will facilitate the vigil, and she’ll be happy to read written messages that you’ve prepared.  So, get your messages onto paper, and pass them to Holly at the event.
Also, we will all be singing “If I had a Hammer,” so warm up your vocal cords. (We’ll also have appropriate music from professional musicians.)
So far, the weather looks great, but you never know. We’ll be there rain or shine.
“Be there or be square.”
Arnie Matlin for GVCP

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