Join the weekly peace vigil in Rochester Sunday, 9/20, 12:00 Noon (Live, not virtual!)

September 8, 2020
International Day of Peace
The United Nations has designated September 21st as the International Day of Peace (a.k.a. World Peace Day).
Clearly the world is not completely on board with this concept.  But WE CAN BE!
Accordingly, Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace (GVCP) is inviting everyone to join us at the weekly peace vigil in Rochester, NY at the corner of East Avenue and Goodman Street.
This vigil has been going on every Sunday since before the invasion of Iraq almost 20 years ago. (Keen observers will notice that this vigil has not yet ended the Middle East wars. But vigil participants find it rewarding to hold up peaceful signs, and bear witness to the future we want. Most passers-by greet us with honks, smiles, waves, and peace signs! If you want a world at peace, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!)
Since the vigil is always on Sunday, we will celebrate the International Day of Peace on:
Sunday, September 20th
From 12:00 Noon to 1:00 PM
East Avenue and Goodman Street in Rochester
We will wear masks and practice social distancing. This is a live event—not virtual! 
Peaceful signs will be provided (but bring your own to be on the safe side).
Do come if you can, and stand with us for a peaceful future!

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