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March 19, 2021
Emily RubinoOur next Zoom meeting is Saturday, 3/27, at 1:30 PM. Emily Rubino, newly appointed Executive Director of Peace Action New York State, will join us on this Zoom meeting! To receive the zoom login info, join our newsletter at the bottom of the page! 
This month’s letter is about Clare Grady.  About Clare and the other Plowshares Seven
You can write to Clare at the address below. NOTE: Use white paper, black ink, and write out the return address. (No address labels.) The letter itself needs to have wide borders, because the prison officials open the letters, discard the envelopes, and photocopy the letter. Obviously, don’t say anything that would offend the officials reading the letter, because that could cause trouble for Clare. Put your return address in the letter itself, because Clare won’t see the envelope. [All these rules are meant to discourage people from writing. We can’t let that happen. If we don’t write, they win.] Clare Grady #01264-052 FPC Alderson Federal Prison Camp Glenn Ray Road, Box A Alderson, WV 24910 ___________
With a new president already acting on climate change, this is the moment to join Indigenous organizers in their fight against the Line 3 tar sands pipeline.

The Enbridge Corporation, which is to blame for 73 pipeline spills since 2002, has begun construction on Line 3 in Minnesota. This violates Anishinaabe treaty rights and threatens sacred water. The pipeline also threatens the global climatespewing out emissions equal to Keystone XL, the Dakota Access pipeline, or 50 coal plants!

The bad news is that Line 3 has the support of Minnesota’s Democratic governor, Tim Walz. The good news is that Native leaders, local organizers, and a powerful faith coalition have slowed the project, creating space for Joe Biden to intervene.

Let’s show President Biden that we support environmental justice for the Anishinaabe, and call on him to immediately overturn Donald Trump’s approval of Line 3!

Tell Joe Biden: Stop the deadly Line 3 tar sands pipeline

Climate change is a moral crisis that impacts public health, jobs, poverty, racism, immigration, and the viability of our planet. [Adapted from Faithful America]

Arnie Matlin for GVCP


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