Links to templates for sending letters to elected officials to sign ICAN Pledge

May 24, 2021

Holly Adams has compiled this amazing list of ways to support the pledge of The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN).  The links are user-friendly and just waiting for you to open them and get to work!    This link takes you to an interactive map that you put your address in, and it takes to to your Congressmen and Representatvies- with a letter template you can copy/edit, then click to go to their websites where you can paste/send.    This link you can fill in your contact details, edit the letter template provided, and send. Same letter will go to all your state and federal representatives.    This link takes to a letter template that you can edit, then paste into your email, and send (or print to snail mail) along with a copy of the actual pledge text.    This takes you to a page where you can click on our state, see who has already signed the pledge, and who the top priorities are. New York signers include Sen Liz Krueger, Sen Julia Salazar, Sen Gustavo Rivera, Sen Robert Jackson, Rep Carolyn Maloney, and Rep Lindsay Sabadosa. Reps AOC and Jamaal Bowman are considered priorty targets for New York State.    This link shows you actual text of the legislative pledge, gives links/list of signers, has a letter template that can be edited, with additional talking points and how to find email address to send. Also lists top priorities for signing. Sen Kristin Gillibrand is one of the “not really progressive but still might sign” so definitely write to her!    Similar to above, but specifically for state legislators.

Any of the above links have multiple links within them for further information, and all give you a template from which you can tailor your own letter. Additional talking points can be found at the links below: Talking points for writing to Congressional Progressive Caucus, list of targets by state, and list of signers to date.    Talking points for democrats who re not CPC    Talking points for republicans

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