LCN video of GVCP H/N vigil + link to LCN electronic coverage

August 12, 2021

Here’s an excellent video of our H/N vigil which appeared in the Livingston County News

The LCN gave excellent, accurate coverage of the event in their issue of Thursday, August 12.

I should have mentioned this earlier, but the LCN article reminded me to give thanks to the performing artists:  Rich Kronert of Nunda and
Tyler Westcott of Buffalo, a native of Hunt.

Also, we should all remember and applaud the strong support from members of Rochester Chapter 23 Veterans for Peace, who traveled to Avon to join the vigil.  (Some of us are members of both groups.)

The Livingston County News is out today (8/12) in print.  My suggestion is to buy a copy, because it’s great to see our organization’s name in print media.

Arnie Matlin for GVCP

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