Two opportunities to stand up for peace!

January 9, 2022

Here’s a note from Hank Stone about the weekly peace vigil in Rochester, and the rally in Geneseo to commemorate the one year anniversary of the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.  The rally in Geneseo is co-sponsored by Rochester Chapter 23 Veterans for Peace, and by GVCP’s student sister group, Geneseo Peace Action.

Weekly Peace Vigil

There is a small gathering every Sunday at the corner of East and Goodman in Rochester, from noon to 1:00.  People simply stand holding signs, and wave to passersby.  Some of these honk, wave, smile, and/or flash us the peace sign.  It is a moment of peace and sanity in a world that can sometimes seem anything but sane.  It’s fun!  Come do this some Sunday and see what you think!

Nuclear Weapons are Illegal!

People can be forgiven for not knowing this, but the world has made designing, building, stockpiling, owning, selling, transferring, using, and threatening to use nuclear weapons illegal, anywhere on Earth!

This is the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW), which went into effect on January 22, 2021, after being ratified by the 50th country.  So, does this mean the U.S. is on a course to give up its nuclear weapons?  Not anytime soon.  Because the 9 nuclear weapons states, including the U.S., did not sign the treaty, so the nuclear weapons ban doesn’t apply to them.

Still, the U.S. SHOULD join the rest of the world in this ban.  Any town, county, or state can declare itself in solidarity with this treaty.  This gives cover to national elected officials who want the U.S. to stand with the rest of the world for peace.

Help us spread the word about this historic opportunity!  Join Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace (GVCP) at the corner of Main St. and Route 20A in Geneseo.  Saturday, January 22, 2022, from noon to 1:00.  Come and stand with us!

Join with other Americans  who believe our country should be an international leader, not a pariah.

Hank Stone,
Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace

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