Geneseo Peace Action Ukraine Demonstration Friday, Mar 4th


March 1, 2022

Our student sister group, Geneseo Peace Action, is staging a rally for peace in Geneseo on Friday, March 4th, at 3:00 PM. Geneseo Peace Action supports our demonstrations, and we want to support their demonstrations.

Note that the call to stop the war is aimed at the Russian attack on Ukraine. However, the text below makes clear the the U.S. government has played a role in bringing about this conflict.

Peace Action Geneseo strongly condemns Russia’s actions in Ukraine, that abandoned all hopes of diplomacy and violate international law. The peace movement around the world condemns the invasion of Ukraine, and we are joining the call to withdraw troops and return to diplomatic negotiations. Peace Action condemns the deployment of Russian troops and calls for all parties to implement an immediate ceasefire.

To show support for the people of Ukraine against these unjust and violent actions, we will be holding a demonstration at the Geneseo Village Park (sidewalk at the corner of Main Street) on Friday, March 4th at 3pm

As the Peace Action statement from February 23rd says, Since 2014, the central features of U.S. policy towards Russia and Ukraine have been sanctions, military aid, and saber rattling. The sanctions and $2.7 billion dollars of military aid we’ve already sent to Ukraine didn’t deter Russia, and piling on more weapons and sanctions are unlikely to work in the future. We need to give up the mirage that some package of sanctions and weaponry can resolve this conflict.” We condemn the failure to promote diplomacy on the part of the United States.

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