Gaza protest Saturday, May 11th, 12:00 noon Geneseo


May 11, 2024
The students of Geneseo Peace Action deserve immense credit for bringing out about 50 SUNY Geneseo students to this protest rally (see below). They are right in the midst of studying for final exams, but they set aside their academic chores long enough to call for peace and justice in Palestine. Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace is proud of our sister chapter.  GVCP had a good turnout too, as did members of Rochester Chapter 23 Veterans For Peace. However, organizing credit goes to the students.
For PA people in New York and in other affiliates reading this, I hope you will emulate Peace Action Fund New York State in promoting and supporting campus chapters.  We always say, “We need more young people in the peace and justice movement.”  Creating student chapters is a great way to work for peace alongside young people.  They benefit from our experience, and we benefit from their enthusiastic activism.  If your chapter doesn’t have a campus sister chapter, now’s the time to help students create one.

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