Where do you think GVCP should focus its energies?

August 27, 2019

Dear GVCP member,

At our August 24th meeting, one member brought up threats to future peace from climate refugees, expected to number 200 million worldwide by 2050. The climate threat is considered a “threat multiplier” by the US military. But is it the business of GVCP?

We also talked about our sheriff’s benevolent association raffling off guns to raise money for a worthy cause. We in GVCP disapprove of gun violence in our society. Should we oppose such events?

GVCP member Hank Stone believes that in this time of doubtful public policy, it might serve a purpose for us to have a “gripe list.”  That is, to be prepared to make a public statement in favor of specific public policies we want, and/or against policies of which we disapprove.

Not everything we don’t like is the business of GVCP, but perhaps working on the topics we’ve worked on so far isn’t enough in these times.

Would you please sent Hank (hstone@rochester.rr.com) suggestions for particular things you might like GVCP to stand for, or against?

Hank will prepare a list, which I will send around to you all. I will ask, for each item on the list, whether you see it as the legitimate business of GVCP, or outside of our proper mission, perhaps diluting our focus.

In any case, we can’t lose by discussing our concerns within the GVCP family.


Arnie Matlin for GVCP

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