About GVCP

We are Nonviolent Activists

Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace is a nonviolent activist group, maintaining close contacts with national groups such as MoveOn, Peace Action, and Nicaragua Network.

Our members includes concerned individuals from Livingston, Genesee, Monroe, Ontario, and Wyoming counties. We extend membership to any person anywhere who believes in our goals and our methods. If you want to become a member of Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace, please contact us here.


GVCP is an organization of people who are committed to working actively for a world of peace, justice and freedom. In cooperation with other local, regional, and national groups, we seek:

  • Peaceful resolution of international disputes, with reduced reliance on standing armies and forced military service.
  • Immediate reduction of nuclear weapons and eventual elimination of all such weapons; an end to the international arms race that devours billions of dollars and diverts vital resources from economic and social development.
  • An end to overt and covert U.S. intervention in Latin America and elsewhere, with an emphasis on regional solutions to regional problems.
  • Discouragement of our society’s tendency to glorify war and brutality. We call for reductions in movie and television violence, and for active marketing of creative and nonviolent alternatives to war toys.

There is no quick and easy route to achieving these goals, but GVCP has a long-standing commitment to the struggle for peace at local, regional, and national levels.

Ongoing activities include a Peace Award for a graduating high school senior; newspaper ads calling for the funding of education instead of weapons; holding a vigil in memory of Hiroshima and Nagasaki victims; and participating with other area peace groups in Memorial Day and Labor Day Parades in Rochester. We also present educational programs to schools, religious organizations, and civic groups. In addition, we work through contacts with elected representatives to strengthen pro-peace positions in Congress and the White House. We hold monthly meetings, which are open to the public.