Tax Day Protest April 15th, 2024

April 15, 2024

Tax Day Protest April 15th, 2024

There were 15 + people. We had a positive response from passerby. All ages joined the Tax Day Protest, from the very young to 80’s.

According to the War Resisters League, on their 2024 pie chart, 43% (almost half) of our federal income tax dollars go to the military:

21% past military, including Veterans Benefits and Interest on National debt, 80% of which is created by military for a total of $1,126 Billion and
22% current military, including total DoD such as personnel, Op and maintenance, procurement, research & development, construction, housing, and Non DoD Military, including Army Corp. DoE nuke weapons, NASA, Internat’l Security asst, Homeland Sec, State Dept, Justice/FBI military Tres/Sec, other for a total of  $1,171 Billion.

The US Campaign for Palestinian Rights at

“Every year, the US writes Israel a blank check for $3.8 billion to fund Israel’s massive violence against the Palestinian people. Amid Israel’s genocide against Palestinians in Gaza, U.S. lawmakers are considering $14.1 billion in additional military funding to Israel.

If the U.S. stopped arming Israel:

$3.8 Billion could :
provide healthcare for 1,322,199 children, or
provide public housing to 451,735 families, or
Cancel student debt for 100,563 people…
instead of using the taxes we just paid to fund Israel’s military violence: killing Palestinians, destroying their homes, and stealing their land.
I personally withheld a small percentage of my federal tax owed from my payment, with a letter stating my objection. I’ve never done so before. Will see what happens.

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