[GVCP] Bumper Stickering Report!

July 17, 2015

Dear GVCP Member, Report from GVCP member Hank Stone, the Bumper Sticker Man. Those 186 bumper stickers will carry the message of peace throughout the Genesee Valley. Thanks‹yet again‹to Hank Stone for organizing this action, and for making it user-friendly for both volunteers and people driving by. Everyone who leaves an e-mail address gets added to a special list I keep of people who have signed up when they get a bumper sticker. I¹ll add these new names to that list, and send each person the most recent GVCP newsletter. Let¹s hope that some people attend our next meeting, and the August 5th vigil. Peace, Arnie Matlin for GVCP GVCP Bumper Stickering Report July 11, 2015 On Saturday, July 11th, GVCP gave away FREE peace bumper stickers at the strip of grass between the bowling alley and new Sea Cow Grill on Route 20A in Geneseo. It was our first bumperstickering of the year. The Matlins, Holly Adams, and Liz Porter staffed the site, for our usual noon to 6:00 PM day. The weather was sunny and warm. There was lots of traffic, presumably owing to a festival in town and the Genesee Airshow. Again, we had no interference from anyone. A lot of people stopped. We gave away 186 bumper stickers. The most popular bumper stickers were: World Peace (23) God bless everyone ­ no exceptions (17) Peace is a human right (15) Teach Peace (13) Every person matters (12). We were given contributions totaling $34.28. That¹s 18 cents per bumper sticker, so no profit made by GVCP. Twenty one (21) people left their email addresses, and fourteen (14) left their phone numbers, meaning they might be available for volunteering if asked. That¹s an unusually large number of people signing up! I wonder if we shouldn¹t make up some action and see how many who leave their phone numbers would actually want to participate. We certainly know that if we DON¹T think of jobs for people, nothing much happens. Four (4) who signed up were Geneseo students. I¹m reminded that we still haven¹t got pamphlets about Geneseo Peace Action to hand out Cheers! Hank Stone, Bumper Sticker Man doc icon GVCP-Bumper-Stickering-7-11-15.doc

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