[GVCP] No firing, so no rallies today (Saturday)

December 23, 2017
Dear GVCP Member,

Trump didn’t fire Mueller, so there’s no rally today (Saturday).

From MoveOn:

Rally on Wednesday December 27: There’s been a lot of speculation about a possible "Christmas Eve Massacre," a firing timed for the days we’re least able to respond. So the plan is that any firing that occurs between December 23 [today] and December 26 [Tuesday] would trigger events on Wednesday, December 27.  

On December 31 and January 1 we will proceed unchanged, with the original plan to host events at 5 p.m. local time if Mueller is fired before 2 p.m., or at noon the next day if a firing occurs after 2 p.m.

Again, my take-home point is to keep your eye on Trump, and save your signs!  

Thanks to everyone for willingness to participate in the rally, if we had needed the rally.  Not yet, but possibly soon.


Arnie Matlin for GVCP

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